What we Do


We focus on three areas of predilection; business and banking, supply chain & stock management and systems management. Our drive toward continuous innovation and design imparts flexibility, responsiveness and improved utility which affords our cliets the best experience in management and problem-solving.

Our Point of Sale Web(Back office) and Mobile App helps Shop owners or managers to access Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Sales Report. It also helps them to do stock valuation with a click of a button, by calculating for them to know how much they will get as sales revenue after all the items/products in their shops are sold out, this is done even before they start selling.

Summary of Main Features:

a. Inventory management section
b. Stock management section
c. Point of Sales section
d. Staff or User management section
e. Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Sales Report
f. Bar code compatibility for easily searching for items for sale
g. Live Data Updates or Data Synchronization between Web(Back office) and Mobile App, etc...


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